Recycled Tip of the Day – If It’s Yellow . . .

Posted on August 28, 2008 by Allie


Do you remember that rhyme from the drought during the 80’s? If it’s yellow let it mellow . . .

I’ll be delicate about this and spare you the rest of the rhyme. The point is, don’t flush when you don’t need to.

One flush of a toilet uses as much water as a person in a developing country uses all day. And remember, the water you’re flushing has been processed to be drinking water quality water. That’s a lot of energy going down the pipes.

To limit the water in every flush, give this a try.

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  1. Ha. I haven’t thought about that rhyme in a long time.

    August 28th, 2008 at 4:39 pm
    Comment by The Modern Gal
  2. Another water saving idea… I collect my water from the shower and the kitchen sink (you can check out the 100% recyclable, collapsible bucket I use at Among the more obvious uses for the water collected such as watering my indoor and outdoor plants, I also use the collected water for a flush. If you saved just one flush a day (1.6 gallons) that would total 570 gallons of water per year. And consider this in your next flush, the average person in the developing world uses 2.64 gallons of water a day.

    August 28th, 2008 at 9:04 pm
    Comment by Florencia
  3. wow! I hadn’t thought about collecting water for flushing! That’s awesome!

    August 29th, 2008 at 2:37 am
    Comment by Allie

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Tip of the Day

If It Doesn’t Smell, Don’t Wash It


According to Real Simple, if every American made an effort to launder less — cutting out just one load of laundry a week per household — we’d save enough water to fill seven million swimming pools each year.

So if it looks clean, and it smells clean, call it clean and wear it again. Consider hanging worn clothes out on your clothesline to freshen them up between wearings.

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