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  1. I loved last year’s holiday make your own gift guide and I think we’ve got a really good idea for this Holiday season. A PigSpigot card with a Threadless Certificate built in. It’s cool, it’s easy and it’s much appreciated. And the cards are only printed on paper approved by the Forest Stewardship Council!, a user generated greeting card company, has teamed up with to offer a simple recipe for success this holiday season. Send your friends and family a card you made or discovered with the Pig and include a gift card for a Tee from Threadless. I’m happy to get you set up with a card credit or two so you can test drive the site. Just say the word and I shall make it so.
    PS. have you seen this cool link on reusing/recycling greeting cards?

    November 30th, 2009 at 8:46 pm
    Comment by Josh
  2. Good idea …making own kitty litter.
    I am thinking of trying this spring and summer…
    I have three raised flower /veggie beds out back.
    I am thinking of two beds for new flowers.. the third one use to scoop out dirt for kitty litter boxes. I have 7.
    Indoor only. I plan to scoop back week for three boxes ..
    Daily, scoop out poop… then end of week put used dirt back into raised bed it came from. The sun, rain and air will naturally cleanse the dirt. Will do this infinitely.. when dirt gets low… get or rent a smaller tiller …the portable ones… then till a area of yard …scoop that dirt into the raised bed… should last for a season.
    Every season…just till a fresh pile.. for winter… either put trap, cloth or Burma…anything. to cover for ease of scooping in cold winter…I plan to when november comes ..before frost.. fill up a large garbage can or two ..with that dirt…Keep in the garage or close to side of house. That way… less garbage… less plastic to go in landfills… mother earth washes the dirt for you.. or many of you composts.. I rather re use the dirt. I may change around very other year to other raised beds… and so on. Dirt…. cats have used for centuries…. will report in the late fall how this works. It us now April ..first week 2011. Will return! Thanks. Good ideas here on site

    April 6th, 2011 at 12:27 pm
    Comment by maria

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