Sam’s Yams

Posted on November 2, 2007 by Allie


I’ve always been creeped out by rawhide — the smell, the texture, what it actually is.  Gross.  What’s even more disturbing and disgusting is what happens to my dog when he eats rawhide.  I won’t share the gory details, but if you knew them, you would never every give rawhide to your dog again.  Trust me.

Still, he likes to chew, and needed to find something that would give his teeth a scrub and his jaw a workout without being harmful to his intestinal health.

Sam’s Yams are amazing.  They are dehydrated sweet potato slabs.  Nothing else.  No additives.  No preservatives.  They’ve never been involved in a recall, and only use American grown sweet potatoes.

They don’t stain the carpet, they don’t smell bad, and they aren’t a “junk food” treat.  My dog loves them, and I love that he’s getting vitamins and fiber, along with some teeth cleaning.  Plus, they keep him, um . . . regular.

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  1. [...] Sam’s Yams — My dog goes crazy over these. They don’t stain the carpet, and instead of wreaking havoc on his system like rawhide, they actually seem to aid his digestive processes. When I ask him if he wants a sweet potato, he runs over to the cabinet where I keep them, wags his tail and jumps like he just can’t contain the excitement. [...]

    January 15th, 2008 at 4:25 pm
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