Kitty’s Crumble: Still The Best Cat Litter Out There

Posted on July 9, 2010 by Courtney

Today’s post is by our fellow blogger and good buddy Noelle, who blogs at The Daily Tannenbaum. If you’d like to guest post for The Greenists, e-mail courtney at thegreenists dot com.

Hi, long lost Noelle here. I’m coming out of Greenists and blogging hiatus in a quest to turn Allie’s blog into a resource on all things kitty litter. I was inspired after reading the recent post about Kitty’s Crumble here. It just so happened that a local natural pet store I was meaning to go to was also a supplier of the Crumble.

I’m a lover of all things local, and part of that reason is that when you go to a store and have a conversation with the owner, you almost always walk away with the best possible product you can get. I chatted with the Natural Pet Center Owner and told her I was looking for some Crumble, and she asked me, “do you live in an apartment? Do you have a barn?  Does your cat go to the bathroom outdoors?” And then she took me on a field trip to the barn part of her store and showed me where she had a litter box full of Kitty’s Crumble for the outdoor cats on the premises. She agreed that they really seemed to like it and that it was great for compost, but then she told me that the litter has a tendency to track brown stuff on furniture when used indoors, and that since I don’t compost (someday when money’s no object and I can do it indoors…) it wasn’t the right litter for me.

Then she steered me in the direction of the World’s Best Litter. Really, that’s what it’s called. It’s a good thing they were right. Otherwise, it’s like titling your novel “Winner of the Pulitzer Prize” or naming your kid “President Tannenbaum” or referring to your dog as “Best In Show.” It’s a lot to live up to, is what I’m saying.

This litter was so good, that I immediately emailed Allie & Courtney and said, “I gotta come out of hiding to tell everyone about this great litter!” And Allie, in her gracious literary way was all, “uh, yeah, we already got to that, like in February.” You can read the post here, or I’ll just bullet point that this litter:

  • doesn’t smell like clay
  • doesn’t get dusty
  • is a delightful yellow color because it is derived from grain
  • doesn’t track as badly as the clay stuff
  • clumps like magic
  • can be flushed
  • was taken to by Lucy the moment I poured it into the box. She didn’t even wait for me to leave the bathroom before she did her business.

Bottom line, if you have a cat and don’t have the time to DIY the poo box, World’s Best Litter is for you.

This litter is nothing new to the Greenists, so I will also contribute that while I was at the pet store I also bought Taste of the Wild dry food. A few weeks ago we had an incident involving cat throw up on my white blanket, and I was not too pleased to realize that because the dry food has food coloring, the upchuck of said product causes stains. Food coloring is not a necessary ingredient for sustaining life, and why is it so important for cats to eat appetizing looking food? Out of a bowl? On the floor? The stuff I got her is made with roasted venison & smoked salmon, is grain free, and is balanced with peas. She took to it faster than she took to the litter, so we have a winner! I’m hoping that the white blanket sees no more hurling action, but if it does, at least this time I know I can wash it out.

And that’s how me and my cat are doing our little best to keep green these days.

Since it’s been forever since I’ve been here to say hello, can I also include a bonus tip that I just learned? If you have stainless steel anything, and need to clean it, don’t go for any weird chemical stuff. Just soak it in lime or lemon juice for two minutes, and wash normally. It was like magic with my stuck-on grilled cheese grease!


  1. Noelle! Good to see you again. I forwarded Allie’s post to my cat lady friends several months ago, but I’ll have to tell them that The Greenists are still raving about World’s Best brand and that if they haven’t switched litters yet, they should!

    July 9th, 2010 at 2:06 pm
    Comment by Stefanie
  2. I love World’s Best litter and it will take quite a litter to make me switch but the whole no dust thing is not something I have experienced. My black cat’s come out with dust ALL over them. There is a layer of dust on the tops of the litter boxes and on the surfaces in the room with boxes in them.

    July 10th, 2010 at 3:40 am
    Comment by mudnessa
  3. Yay! So happy you’re back from hiatus!

    And, btw, that is pretty much exactly how I talk…so literary. :)

    July 16th, 2010 at 10:24 am
    Comment by Allie
  4. The problem with any grain derived cat litter has several facets. First, we’re so wealthy a nation that basically we’re allowing our animals to defecate in food. It’s not a grain byproduct– but usable food. Second, that food is often GMO, so by buying it you’re supporting a GMO world. Third, it can breed insects. I used to buy a wheat derived litter & tried World’s best. The last time I went to buy it, my husband & I noticed the surface of the bag– in the store– was wriggling. There were hundreds of maggot-like creatures covering it, from a nearby bag that had been torn open. I now use a pine-based litter. I can deal with the occasional dust tracked around. The dust occurs only when I use too much litter (the bag recommendations call for double the amount needed for 2 cats) OR when I don’t change the litter often enough. The benefits of a pine-based litter– you’re helping to use what would normally be a waste product. The pine sawdust produced from pine lumber production is used to make the litter. No virgin trees are used. This dust would normally be disposed of– either burned or dumped into landfill. Using it for litter makes more sense than using a foodstuff. Sorry if I’ve stepped on any toes, but when people are starving in the world, how can you allow your cat to take a dump into what could have been used as food?

    August 9th, 2011 at 1:45 pm
    Comment by Jessie
  5. I’m so glad I read this–it validates much of what I believe and use for my own cat! We use WBLitter and Taste of the Wild, in addition to Wellness. The food is a bit more $$$ but I think it’s healthier and I see fewer health problems and upset stomach.

    January 25th, 2012 at 2:54 pm
    Comment by Bumble Lush

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