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Posted on June 8, 2010 by Allie

Since my novel, STAY, is coming out this week, and Argo is on the cover, the dogs are getting all the attention.  I figured I’d put up a cat post, so the cat doesn’t get jealous and attack me in my sleep,

The good folks at Kitty’s Crumble Pet Litter sent me a bag of litter for me to test (or, more specifically, for the cat to test).  It costs me all of a few cents to make my own kitty litter.  Anything anyone sends along has to be way better than the litter I make, which performs well and is practically free.  That sets the bar pretty high.

Kitty’s Crumble beats free litter hands down.  Since this summer is going to be very busy, and I won’t have time to make my own litter, I will be buying this litter once we’ve finished up the bag, and I will feel like it’s money well-spent.  

There’s no odor.  I scooped solids and left the rest of the litter in the box for TWO WEEKS, and there was no odor.  None.  Our house didn’t smell like cat AT ALL.  I even started to worry that the cat had stopped peeing, but she’s absolutely fine.

Kitty’s Crumble is made from coir.  From the website:

Coir, also known as ‘coir fibre pith”, is a natural and renewable resource that is free of any chemicals and toxins. It is produced in the extraction of the long fibres from coconut husks that are used in the making of mattresses and automotive seating.

Uniform in texture, coir is a completely homogenous material composed of millions of capillary micro-sponges that absorb and retain both moisture and odor. It is widely used throughout the horticultural, industrial absorbent and bio filter industries.

The press materials that came along with our bag of Kitty’s Crumble said that coir is used in wastewater treatment.  And I love that the litter is made from a manufacturing byproduct.  It’s packaged in a “Smart Bag” which allows for the litter to be packed tightly, allowing for less space needed during transit.  The bag is plastic, but it’s made from #5 plastic and is fully recyclable.

The litter is moist, and you need to keep the bag sealed to maintain the moisture.  The website says that cats prefer moist litter because it better mimics soil.  I think the moisture also keeps the litter in the box.  There has been minimal tracking and no litter dust.

A 9 liter bag should run you around 7 dollars, and if you scoop regularly will last at least a month.  The litter can be used in the garden (with solids removed) but please make sure your cat has been tested for toxoplasma gondii, before you use any litter in the garden.  I learned from Fake Plastic Fish that this parasite can pose a threat to wildlife.  If your cat tests positive, you’ll need to dispose of their litter in the trash.


  1. A few things, first: you make your own kitty litter?! That is fantastic. And.. how?

    Second, this sounds like something I’d like to try; I mean, the Kitty’s Crumble. I currently use Feline Pine and my cat appears to love it. Although, I *do* get a stink typically in about a week (even with daily scoopy of the poopy).

    Do your cats have any accidents when you change their litter? (Heard to stay consistent from my vet).

    Thanks! And more kitty posts… :)

    June 8th, 2010 at 12:11 pm
    Comment by Mel
  2. Hi Mel!

    I just updated the post to include the “recipe” for kitty litter –

    Our cat’s superpower is that she instantly adapts to any litter we use with her, but I know that’s not the usual. If you switch, you may want to do so gradually, to let your cats get used to the new litter.

    June 8th, 2010 at 1:36 pm
    Comment by Allie
  3. I do not make my own kitty litter. I use wood stove pellets. It looks and acts just like feline pine but at 1/4 of the cost!

    June 10th, 2010 at 5:11 pm
    Comment by Rob
  4. This sounds worth a try. I’ll try to find them online, I wonder if I can get them at any local stores…

    June 14th, 2010 at 5:12 am
    Comment by Noelle
  5. [...] all things kitty litter. I was inspired after reading the recent post about Kitty’s Crumble here. It just so happened that a local natural pet store I was meaning to go to was also a supplier of [...]

    July 9th, 2010 at 10:03 am
    Pingback by Kitty’s Crumble: Still The Best Cat Litter Out There
  6. I used Kitty’s Crumble & not impressed, it actually made urine smell worse so I added baking soda which helped some, I’ve since found a superior all natural prod. that’s renewed yearly, can be used as compost,completely destroys odors, easy to remove solids& & leaves litter box 100% dry, great prod for some but not here.

    September 15th, 2011 at 9:59 pm
    Comment by R.C.

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