1. Best of the Greenists – Our Most Popular Giveaways + A Greensmart Giveaway

    Posted on December 31, 2010 by Allie

    It’s so much fun to do giveaways! And we’re so thankful to all the great green companies who gave us the opportunity to give you some great green stuff this year.  Here are our most popular giveaways from 2010:

    5. Hope for Women Giveaway – Dianne hosted a giveaway for Hope for Women, an organization that helps economically disadvantaged women support themselves by handcrafting Fair Trade, eco-friendly products made by women across the world, and the winner, Kristen from Dine & Dish received her favorite Hope for Women product.

    4. SOFT Green Baby Clothes – Melissa hosted a giveaway for an adorable growl organic cotton, fair trade onesie (modeled by her adorable son, Owen), and Erin was the lucky winner.

    3. Earth Divas – Stefanie hosted a giveaway for Earth Divas fair trade made handbags made from eco-friendly materials.  Jennifer Y. from Ifferjenn Independent won, and got to choose her favorite bag from the Earth Divas site.

    2. MAVEA Water Filtration Pitcher - Deborah hosted a giveaway for a 100% BPA-free MAVEA Water Filtration pitcher, and Emily won.

    1. GreenSmart – NPW hosted a giveaway for a reader’s pick of GreenSmart products (pictured above), made from recycled soda bottles.  Laura won, and chose an adorable hot pink laptop sleeve.

    Since the GreenSmart giveaway was our most popular in 2010, the lovely people of GreenSmart have agreed to do a repeat! All you have to do is check out their website and leave a comment about which of their products you like best.  Make sure to include the color you’d like if you win!  We’ll announce the winner on Friday, January 7th.  For an extra entry, tweet about the contest, and leave a second post with a link to your tweet in the comments below!  Good luck!


  2. Bazura Bag Giveaway Winner!

    Posted on December 30, 2010 by Courtney

    We interrupt Best of The Greenists Week for this brief announcement …

    Thanks to all who entered our Bazura bag giveaway! There were only six entries this time, and we used the Random Number Generator to pick the lucky winner of this colorful bag. And the winner is … commenter #3, which is lizgwiz!

    Congratulations, lizgwiz! We’ll be in touch with you shortly to arrange for your free bag to be sent to you. And if you didn’t win, why not visit the Bazura shop for a little post-holiday present to yourself?

  3. Best of The Greenists Week: Our Favorite Posts of 2010

    Posted on December 29, 2010 by Courtney

    Isn’t it a great feeling when you write something you really like? All our Greenists aren’t just conscientious of the environment; we know how to express ourselves, too. A few of us picked our favorite posts of 2010:

    Allie’s favorite is her post about giving old furniture a makeover.

    For Melissa, our resident childcare expert, it’s a tie between the SOFT baby clothing giveaway and fun ways to spend a fall day with family.

    Stefanie’s favorite is her post about drinking locally, which was part of our theme week honoring Allie’s book, STAY.

    NPW’s favorite, also posted during STAY week, is her lesson on making your own organic Pop Rocks!

    Howling Hill’s favorite post is her tale of living without water, in honor of Blog Action Day 2010.

    Dianne, our food expert, likes her post on how to make your own bread.

    Mickey really likes his post on encountering trees one-on-one in order to save a species.

    As for me, I liked my post on acting locally to make big changes in your community.

    Not that we like to fish for compliments (oh, okay, we totally do), but what were your favorite posts this year?

  4. Best of the Greenists Week: 2010′s Posts with the Most Comments

    Posted on December 28, 2010 by Allie

    One of the best parts of being a Greenist is getting to hear from all of you!  We love it when a good discussion starts in the comment section of one of our posts.  Here are the posts that got everyone talking the most:

    What’s the Deal with Castile? – Stefanie’s great post about Castile soap and its many uses lead to a bunch of comments with household hints and tips!  Do you use Castile soap?  Have you made your own laundry detergent before?

    Cape Cod’s Offshore Wind Farm: Yay or Nay? – Courtney’s post drew lots of comments in support of wind farms, as well as a commenter who worried that windmills would ruin the view.  What’s your take on offshore wind farming?

    Preserving Your Summer Bounty – Dianne, our Greenists guide for all things food, gave us her tips for preserving food from the garden for winter, and lots of people commented with their favorite foods to can and freeze.  Do you freeze, can, or dry food for winter?

    Method Laundry Detergent – Courtney tested Method Laundry Detergent’s claim that one little pump bottle held enough detergent for fifty loads of laundry, and Method passed the test!  Courtney isn’t alone in her love of Method’s Laundry Detergent.  Lots of people chimed in to say how much they love the stuff too!  What detergent do you use to launder your clothes?

    Maggie’s Organic Clothes – I had so much fun testing out the clothes Maggie’s sent me, and everyone was surprised by how reasonably priced these fair-trade, organic clothes are!  Have you tried Maggie’s clothes?  Do you have a favorite ethical clothing brand?

    What’s so Great about Soy Wax? – Stefanie gave us a lesson on the differences between soy and paraffin candles and a review of M. Carlesimo candles, and got a discussion going about organic soy, beeswax, safe candles for use around birds, and more.  Do you burn candles at home?  What kind do you use?

    Save the SunChips Bag! – Courtney’s call to action to save compostable SunChips bags got lots of feedback from supporters of the bag.  And don’t forget to sign our petition to Save the SunChips Bag!

    Sea Shepherd: Heroism, terrorism or imperialism? – A Free Man’s post about the more extreme side of environmental activism drew lots of heated discussion.  What’s your take on the methods the Sea Shepherd employs to try to stop commercial whaling?

    Thank you so much to all of you who took the time to comment on our posts this year, adding your opinions to the discussion!  We love hearing from you, and hope you’ll keep commenting in the future!  And for those of you who haven’t commented on a Greenists post, what are you waiting for?  We don’t bite.  Promise.

  5. Best of The Greenists Week: 2010′s Most Viewed Posts

    Posted on December 27, 2010 by Courtney

    2010 has been such a great year for The Greenists! We’re so thankful for our wonderful writers and readers and the thoughtful, creative ideas they have for living greener lifestyles. In honor of 2010 winding down and a new year beginning, we’re dedicating this week to revisiting some of our favorite and most popular posts.

    Today, we list the posts that got the most hits in 2010:

    • Coming in first place with 1,328 page views is my review of Ava Anderson beauty products, which makes me happy because they’re fantastic. I reviewed them in April, but I still use them every day, both because they last a long time and because they’re awesome.

    The winner for the post drawing in the most absolute unique visitors is NPW’s green gift guide, which I think we can attribute to our lovely librarian tweeting about the post to her legions of followers. (Note to NPW: Do that more often!)

    Those are 2010′s most viewed posts, but are you wondering what the all-time record holder is for The Greenists? It’s Allie’s post on making your own kitty litter from 2008, which has gotten 10,645 page views and counting, and a whopping 179 comments!

  6. Beyond the Cloth Diaper

    Posted on December 24, 2010 by Courtney

    Please welcome today’s guest poster, Joy Paley.

    Having a baby’s not easy. With an infant who is constantly needing attention and loving care, it’s undoubtedly simpler to choose one-use and convenient items when taking care of their needs. It doesn’t take a green genius to recognize that many of these products aren’t exactly good for the earth, though. Take a minute to think beyond the cloth diaper, and consider other ways to make your little sweetie more environmentally friendly.  Read more…

  7. Bazura Bag Review & Giveaway

    Posted on December 23, 2010 by Stefanie

    My fellow Greenists have shared so many great gift ideas the past few weeks. Is December 23 a bit too late to share another one? Perhaps. If you’d like to get an early jump on NEXT year’s holiday season, however, or if you simply feel that your busy, busy December warrants a New Year’s present for yourself, then I do have one more suggestion for you. How about a Bazura Bag?

    These sturdy, colorful bags are made by a women’s cooperative in the Philippines, out of traditionally non-recyclable materials that would otherwise litter the streets or crowd landfills. Children from local schools collect used drink containers (called doy packs in that part of the world) and sell them to the co-op, where the women sanitize them and sew them into bags of all sizes, as well as accessories like belts, placemats, and sandals.

    “Bazura” means “garbage,” but the end result is anything but. Their catalog includes so many fun and useful designs, from pencil pouches and small handbags all the way up to a giant laundry bag. Read more…

  8. What Exactly is Solar Roofing?

    Posted on December 22, 2010 by Courtney

    The following post was provided by www.RoofingWindows.net.

    Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jhritz/480699585/

    We’ve all heard that solar panels are an effective green roofing technique for residential homes, but how many of us actually own them? More importantly, how many of us know what they are and how they truly function?

    Solar roofing is more than glassy panels clustered on the roof for storing energy. It’s a type of photovoltaic technology that converts and stores the energy from the sun’s rays into electricity for homes and buildings. Solar panels are made from silicon, which is the same element used in mirrors and windows, though these panels utilize only pure and unrefined silicon for maximum energy conduction.  Read more…

  9. Eco-savvy Stocking Stuffers for the Whole Family

    Posted on December 21, 2010 by Melissa


    I apologize, but I need to interrupt your I just finished my holiday shopping happy dance for a moment. Turn around. You see those excessively large knitted sock shaped things hanging over there by the fireplace (or in my case, on the knobs of the antique hutch)? You have to fill them too . . .

    Wait, wait – please don’t freak out. Take a deep breath and read on!

    Read more…

  10. Santa Goes Green

    Posted on December 20, 2010 by NPW

    Because Christmas is a mere five days away I thought I would give you a glimpse into NPW’s green wishlist for Santa. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, or you don’t believe in jolly old Saint Nick any longer, you can still ask for these awesome eco-friendly gifts any time of the year. I promise you won’t find any green and red striped elf socks here!

    First up, one of my fave Etsy finds of the season. Vegan flats! If you’ve ever been to my place you would know firsthand about my slight obsession with flats. I love them for wearing to school; a fun pattern helps accent an outfit. And I guess maybe they also look a little festive with the red and silver? (I’d still wear them in April. Just sayin’.) These vegan flats are from extraseed and I am in love with them. Santa/Mom: are you listening?

    Next up on the list is this super fun reusable mug. I’d feel much better about carrying this into work than a pretentious Starbucks mug any day. Plus, I think my middle schoolers would love it!

    This season always makes my skin unbearably dry. No matter how much lotion I stock up on I’m always distressed to see my normally healthy skin suddenly make me look like I’m a hundred years old. Damn you, electric heat!) Lush’s Dreamwash helps keep my skin moisturized without any of the oily ingredients found in most body washes that make me break out. Plus, Lush uses all natural ingredients in their products!

    Recently I’ve been trying to make myself get over the feeling that I look stupid in hats. I mean, winter in New England is cold, people. Cute knit slouch hats are helping me ease into the idea like WHOA. Seriously: how adorable is this one in sage green? I also kind of want to steal her sunglasses. Don’t tell her.

    After Christmas is over it’s a long haul to make it through the rest of the winter season. One thing that helps me through the rough patches (AKA the whole month of February) is dreaming of future beach vacations. What beach vacation would be complete without a beach bag? This striped, button-studded bag is absolutely perfect for a day of sun and fun, don’t you think?

    Merry Chrismahannukwanzikah, fellow environmentalists! I hope you get every green thing your little Grinch hearts desire. See you in 2011!

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So if it looks clean, and it smells clean, call it clean and wear it again. Consider hanging worn clothes out on your clothesline to freshen them up between wearings.

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