1. Keep The Heat Off & Bundle Up

    Posted on September 30, 2007 by Allie

    How long can you go before you turn the heat on this winter? Read more…

  2. Burt’s Bees Healthy Healing Carrot Nutritive Body Lotion

    Posted on September 28, 2007 by Allie


    I’ve been on a quest for the perfect paraben free,  phthalate free body lotion, and I think I’ve found it.  Read more…

  3. Tip of the Day – Change Your TP

    Posted on by Allie


    Recycled content toilet paper is often about as soft as the stuff you’ll find in a rest stop bathroom on the interstate. But according to Seventh Generation, making the switch even every once in awhile can make a big difference.

    Read more…

  4. What’s Going On

    Posted on by Allie


    Birds can “see” the earth’s magnetic field.

    What if New York City got slammed by a hurricane?

    Ice Age was defrosted by warming ocean, not CO2.

    Arctic thaw may be at tipping point.

    Kit fox gets more protection in California.

  5. Natural Carpet Deodorizer

    Posted on September 27, 2007 by Allie


    Looking for a natural way to get your carpet smelling fresh? When you think of all the time your kids and pets spend in close contact with the carpet, chemical laden carpet deodorizers aren’t an option. Read more…

  6. What’s Going On

    Posted on by Allie


    Incredible homing crocs.

    The Prius isn’t the greenest car going.

    Hybrid salamanders thrive.

    Wal-Mart greens supply chain.

    Virgin Islands land bought for park.

  7. Cook Up Some Non-Toxic Fun

    Posted on September 26, 2007 by Allie


    With all the scary ingredients that seem to be lurking in toys these days, it’s hard to know what toys are safe to give your kids.  But, if you make it yourself, you’ll know exactly what your child is playing with.  Read more…

  8. What’s Going On

    Posted on by Allie


    A great list of eco-friendly, safer toys.

    Artificial coral reefs in the Red Sea.

    Kelp forests aren’t limited to cold water (with a picture of my favorite animal).

    New snake and orchids found in Vietnam.

    Climate change may be our biggest security threat.

  9. Hot Spot Itch Relief Spray for Dogs

    Posted on September 25, 2007 by Allie


    My pup had a run in with some fleas on his last trip to the vet. The fleas are gone, but the irritation isn’t. I know it’ll go away, but I hate that he’s uncomfortable. Read more…

  10. Cook Under Pressure

    Posted on by Allie


    Looking for a fast, energy efficient way to cook dinner?  Get a pressure cooker. Read more…

Tip of the Day

If It Doesn’t Smell, Don’t Wash It


According to Real Simple, if every American made an effort to launder less — cutting out just one load of laundry a week per household — we’d save enough water to fill seven million swimming pools each year.

So if it looks clean, and it smells clean, call it clean and wear it again. Consider hanging worn clothes out on your clothesline to freshen them up between wearings.

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