1. It’s Neil Day!

    Posted on February 25, 2009 by Allie

    I’ve been wanting to fill you in on my friend Neil’s latest project, and also wanted to do a Neil’s Cambodia Challenge wrap up.  So check out Neil’s post below, and the tip of the day.

    This past Sunday, there was a talk about the trip to Cambodia. It was to be given at a yoga studio in Brooklyn, and over a dozen people had come to hear about the fundraising challenge and the trip. There was a reporter there from a yoga magazine, and some people had even brought food to contribute to a potluck once the slideshow was over. I was pleased that all of these people had come out on Oscar night to hear about fundraising, which had been such an important campaign for me over the course of 2008.

    The thing, though, was that I wasn’t the one giving the talk. Read more…

  2. And the winners are . . .

    Posted on December 29, 2008 by Allie

    I used the Random Number Generator to select five winners for the last Cambodian Challenge Giveaway.  Read more…

  3. One Day Contest – A bag of goodies!

    Posted on by Allie

    I helped Neil get some donations for his Yoga Dollars program, and we were both blown away by the generosity of many eco-friendly companies.  Neil gave me some gift bags full of sample products to give away on the site and I’m doing a one day contest.

    Read more…

  4. Weleda Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash & Giveaway

    Posted on November 14, 2008 by Allie

    I’m not sure what a Sea Buckthorn is, but I know I like it.

    I helped Neil get some donations for his Yoga Dollars program, and Weleda came through for him in a very big way.  We were both blown away by their generosity.  Neil gave me some of the Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash as a thank you for helping him out, and I have to say, it’s heavenly.

    Read more…

  5. The Sweetest Deal EVER

    Posted on November 3, 2008 by Allie

    Remember my friend Neil?  The one who’s trying to raise $20,000 for The Cambodian Children’s Fund by the end of the year?  Well, he sent me an e-mail with an amazing deal for all of you.  Check it out:

    I write you today to offer you the sweetest deal EVER.  As many of you know, I’ve spent much of the year raising money for Cambodian kids, and one of the fundraisers I did was having baskets of goodies at over a dozen NYC yoga studios that I offered in exchange for small donations.  The vendors that donated goodies did so in spades, so now I have a load of stuff left over.  Today, I offer you a box of stuff that I will send to you at your home in exchange for a small donation.  This box includes:

    • 35 travel-sized Weleda body washes.  Use these babies with a loofah or sponge.  They make your shower smell like an orange blossom tree or a creamsicle.  This is awesome–and not at all emasculating.  (An $87.50 value)
    • At least 10 goody bags that were put together by yours truly.  These include organic teas, electrolyte-balancing lemonade, samples from Pangea Organics, and other stuff.  Use them for stocking stuffers this holiday season or other cool things that likewise aren’t emasculating. (A value of at least $100.)
    • Whatever else might be left over including energy bars, hempseed packets and other stuff.

    How much for all of this?  $30.

    Seriously.  Guys.  This is the sweetest deal EVER.  Everyone wins, since you get a load of stuff, your donation is tax deductible, and I don’t have to spend the holiday season with boxes filling up my apartment like a small Manhattan warehouse.  To order these boxes of goodies, please follow these instructions: Read more…

  6. Blog Action Day

    Posted on October 15, 2008 by Allie

    I was just about to put up a new post, but decided I’d lounge a bit with my cup of coffee and my Google Reader first.  David, The Good Human, has a post up for Blog Action Day, and I was so inspired by it that I decided I’d put aside the post I’d planned for today to talk about the Blog Action Day topic – poverty.

    There are almost 11,000 bloggers participating by blogging about poverty today.  If you’d like to join in, check out BlogActionDay.org.

    Last night, I was exhausted.  I tried to watch Frontline’s study of the presidential candidates, but kept dozing off.  I did, however, wake up in time to hear a clip from a speech by a certain presidental candidate, and even though I’d heard it before, I was moved to tears. Read more…

  7. Speaking of Parties . . .

    Posted on June 24, 2008 by Allie


    Here’s a recap of this weekend’s festivities, by Neil.  

    It was called the “Best Dance Party EVER,” but really it should have been called “The Place Where We Got Awesome Raffle Prizes.”
    Read more…

  8. Don’t Just Stand There, Bust a Move

    Posted on June 20, 2008 by Allie


    Hey, if you’re in the New York City area this weekend, be prepared to get down! Read more…

  9. There’s Still Time . . .

    Posted on June 10, 2008 by Allie


     . . . to donate raffle prizes for The Best Dance Party EVER!!! Read more…

  10. Dance Your Cares Away!

    Posted on June 3, 2008 by Allie


    Yes, I totally have the Fraggle Rock theme song in my head.

    If you live near New York City, or will be in the area on June 21st, you are invited to . . . drumroll please . . . The Best Dance Party EVER!!!!  If you can’t be there, you can still get involved. Read more…

Tip of the Day

If It Doesn’t Smell, Don’t Wash It


According to Real Simple, if every American made an effort to launder less — cutting out just one load of laundry a week per household — we’d save enough water to fill seven million swimming pools each year.

So if it looks clean, and it smells clean, call it clean and wear it again. Consider hanging worn clothes out on your clothesline to freshen them up between wearings.

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